Saturday, August 28, 2010

Commonwealth of Independant Nation States (CINS) Pt1

Since the Second World War the UK has distanced it's self from its former colonies of Australia, Canada and New Zealand. When the UK joined the EEC in 1972 it had to put trade tariffs on these countries cutting its final economic ties with them.

Post WWII the US has taken over from the UK as these countries main allie. However as we well know the US can be a difficult ally and often pursues its own objectives at the expense of its friends.

The UK as well as all of these countries are now struggling with their identity in the 21st century. Too small to be fully independent in a world of mega powers but too proud to consider more integration with larger economies such as the USA or Euro land.

An opportunity may now exist to rejoin the UK with the nations of Canada, Australia and New Zealand to form a new country. As the Americans would say this idea is way out of left field however its not as crazy as it sounds and the benefits could be massive both economically and militarily.


Obviously the 4 nations that would make up this country span the globe. This would mean that each nation would have to maintain a high degree of autonomy. I would suggest limited integration to a similar level as the members of the Euro zone have at present, all be it with a bit more clarity and a less clumsy bureaucratic system.


An elected super national Parliament seated in London at Westminster. The government would have a limited remit dealing with.

  • Foreign Policy
  • Military Policy
  • Monetary Policy
  • Immigration
  • Trade policy
As Australia, Canada and New Zealand operate identical political systems to the UK, integration would be simple. We also already share a common head of state. Our legal systems are also already integrated with the Law Lords (House of Lords) passing judgments in each country in the way the supreme court does in the US. The UK would have to remove much of the EU legislation and its subservience to the EU court of human rights however I doubt their would be much protest in the UK.

The present national Parliaments would remain in place. The Super National government would have limited tax raising powers but would rely on national contributions in the way the EU does at present.

To prevent offending any one, the seat of English Government could be moved from London to Manchester. With the powers of the new Parliament the present United Kingdom would not work. Scotland should become an independent nation inside the new format leading to 5 separate independent states. Wales and Northern Ireland could be offered the same if they so choose. This would make England the largest single state in this Union but would give it only 40% of the total population. MP allocations could be waited in favour of smaller nations such as Scotland and NZ giving the following distribution of MP's.

England 30%
Canada 25%
Australia 20%
Scotland  10%
New Zealand 7.5%
Wales 5%
Northern Ireland 2.5%

Whats in it For Me?

All these nations have their own separate national identities. However we share almost identical histories, social issues and beliefs. All of this is under threat from the rise of large countries such as China and India as well as conglomerations such as the EU. In short we need to become part of a larger group weather we like it or not. The UK with the EU, Canada in NAFTA or Australia with ASEAN. Its better to join with people who don't require you to change your ways or culture.

Together we are Strong

The Commonwealth of Nations would be today one of the worlds largest economies. We would have a combined GDP of $4.63 trillion dollars. Making us the worlds second largest economy ahead of China and Japan.

China would surpass us by 2011 and India would likely over take us around 2020. However Brazil, Russia and Indonesia would never over take us until well into the 22nd Century if ever.

Our population would be 120 million making us the 11th largest in the world. Ahead of Mexico and behind Japan. However with our higher population growth above 1% we would over take Russia and Japan in numbers before 2030.

We would be the largest country in the world in terms of area with a land mass of 18 million km2

We would be the largest exporter of all metals and we would be the third largest oil producer in the world behind only Russia and Saudi Arabia.

We would also be the worlds largest food exporter.

In terms of military we would have the worlds second largest defence budget. We would maintain that spot until atleast 2020. We would also have the worlds second biggest aviation sector and we would be in the top two for Arms exports.

In short we would be a super power. Not on the same scale as the US but bigger than the rest by quite a margin.

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