Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Build Your Own Royal Navy

I have seen a number of fantasy fleet build your own navy post's on US blogs for the US Navy. However I have seen little in the way of this for the Royal Navy. I would like anyone reading to post your own Fantasy Fleet based on the following parameters.

Ship Building Budget of $5 billion per year.

All Ships must be completed in a 20 year cycle so you have a total budget of S100 billion.

You don't have to include aircraft in the cost's but please feel free to choose corresponding helicopter and fast jet fleets that you would want in your fleet.

You don't have to account for any trident replacement in the budget.

You will find a list of warship costs below. This list is borrowed from New Wars. As these ships are from around the world your fleet should be priced in USD. Please feel free to use ships not on the list but include prices.


Astute SSN (UK)-$2,410 million
Barracuda SSN (France)-$1.35 billion
Dolphin SSK (German/Israeli)-$635 million
Gotland SSK (Sweden)-$365 million
Improved Kilo SSK (Russia)-$350 million
Le Terrible SSBN (France)-$3.8 billion
Ohio SSBN Replacement-$7 billion (est.)
Scorpene SSK (Spain)-$825 million
Type 209 SSK (German/Portugal)-$550 million
Type 212 SSK (Germany)-$525 million
Type 214 SSK (Germany)-$500 million
Virginia SSN-$2.4 billion



Cavour CVH (Italy)-$2 billion
Charles de Gaulle (France)-$3.7 billion
CVN-78 Gerald R Ford-$13.5 billion
Queen Elizabeth (UK)-$3.7 billion
George HW Bush-$6.26 billion
Hyuga DDH (Japan)-$1.06 billion
Vikrant (India)-$762 million



DDG 51 Arleigh Burke-$1.8 billion
Daring Type 45 (UK)-$976 million
DDG 1000 Zumwalt-$6 billion



Absalon (Denmark)-$269 million
Bertholf National Security Cutter-$641 million
F100 Bazan (Spain)-$600 million
F105 Cristobal Colon (Spain)-$954 million
De Zeven Provincien (Netherlands)-$532 million
FREMM (Franco/Italian)-$745 million
LCS Freedom-$637 million
Holland (Netherlands)-$169 million
LCS Independence-$704 million
Iver Huitfeldt (Denmark)-$332 millon
Nansen (Norway)-$557 million
Sachsen Type 124 (Germany)-$1.06 billion
Valour MEKO A200 (South Africa)-$327 million
F-22P Zulfiquar (China/Pakistan)-$200 million



Baynunah (UAE)-$137 million
Braunschweig K-130 (Germany)-$309 million
Clyde (Britain)-$47,000,000
Falaj 2 (UAE)-$136 million
Khareef (Oman)-$262 million
Kedah (Malaysia)-$300 million
Knud Rasmussen (Denmark)-$50 million
BAM Maritime Action Ship (Spain)-$116 million
MILGEM corvettes (Turkey)-$250 million
Otago (New Zealand)-$62.6 million
Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago)-$76 million
River (Britain)-$31,400,000
Sarah Baartman/ Damen 8313 OPV (South Africa)-$20 million
Sentinel-$47 million
Sigma (Indonesian/Moroccan)-$222 million
Visby (Sweden)-$184 million



Ambassador MK III (Egypt/USA)-$325 million
Cyclone patrol craft-$31 million
Hamina (Finland)-$101 million
Rotoiti (New Zealand)-$25 million
Skjold (Norway)-$133.5 million
M80 Stiletto-$6 million



America LHA-$3.05 billion
Bay LSD (Britain)-$228 million
Canberra LHD (Australia)-$1.3 billion
General Frank S. Besson LSV-$32 million
KRI Dr. Soeharso LPD (Indonesia)-$50 million
Endurance LST (Singapore)-$142 million
Johan de Witt LPD (Netherlands)-$370 million
Juan Carlos (Spain)-$490 million
Kunlan Shan LPD (China)-$300 million
Makin Island LHD-$2.2 billion
San Antonio LHD-$1.76 billion
Mistral (France)-$529.8 million



Type 702 Berlin AOR (Germany)-$445 million
MRV Canterbury (New Zealand)-$124 million
Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV)-$160 million
Lewis and Clark (T-AKE)-$538 million
USNS Howard O. Lorenzen (T-AGM-25)-$199 million
Patino AOR (Spain)-$288 million
Sea Fighter FSF 1-$200 million
Wave Knight Auxiliary Oiler(Britain)–$172 million



  1. You asked for it....
    I would divide the RN into two Fleets, the first and second, further divided into 5 Flotillas.
    Two in the First, Three in the Second.

    Flotillas of the Second Fleet will consist of
    8 Clyde(ish) vessels, which are more than enough for anti piracy/smuggling duties, along with fisheries protection.
    8 Absalon(ish) vessels, which can be tasked with supporting the Clyde in their patrol role, MCM, Seamapping, weather, limited ASW, limited disaster relief, foreign training and show of force kind of stuff.
    2 Astute to do sneaky stuff around the world or guard UK waters

    Three flotillas allows for a 4 months rest, 4 months refit, 4 months deployed rotation.

    The First Fleet, will consist of Two Flotillas and each Flotilla will consist of
    A QE Class Carrier, I'd prefer nuclear with cats/traps, but its not going to happen anytime soon
    6 Juan Carlos(ish) Class Assault Ships, basicaly to land, supply and support an infantry battle group (each obviously) by Heavy Helicopter as quickly as possible, that they can operate Apaches and F35B is just icing on the cake
    6 Bay Class Landing Ships to land and supply an armoured/armour/engineer battlegroup
    6 T45 AAD Destroyer to provide air defence to the flotilla, these should be finished to the original standard
    6 T46 ASW Destroyers to provide submarine defence, these would be T45's without the £500mn air defence system, but with a towed array sonar and an enlarged hanger for 2x Merlin, they would still have an AAW system, just a much cheaper one.
    6 T47 Guided Missle Destroyers to provide long range and mass strike capability. T45 Hull stripped of, well, everything, and carrying large numbers (200+) of long ranged (100km+) cruise missiles, SeaShadow(?).
    3 Astute Class SSN's, if costs are within reason, enlarged to allow 4 Trident tubes, loaded with 7(per tube) cruise missiles and call them Astute+

    I've increased the T45 cost to $1500mn (I'm sure they're £1bn a pop) and budgeted the T46 at $750mn and the T47 at $1000mn
    I've made up the number $3bn for the Astute+

    Flotillas in the First Fleet cost $33,508,000 each, and those in the second cost $7,348,000, although thats almost all Astutes.

    Budget of $10,940,000 available for Fleet Logistics and something Point Class like.

  2. good effort Raging Tory, Quite a fleet. I recon the Type 46 destroyer your describe is actually what the Type 26 will be. A type 45 hull with no Sea Viper and towed array. Lets hope they make space for 2 merlins though.

  3. I would have they navy split into 1 fleets one at devonport the other at Portsmouth (as Portsmouth might go independent) but they would be a navy base at hull to support the port of Spain with a number of three costing 350 million

    At Portsmouth and devonport i would have 3 aircraft carriers (queen elizabeth class) and 12 attack subamrines Barracuda SSN as they are almost the same as they french but cheaper bringing the total up to about 29 billion all together

    I would then have 12 type 45 destroyers capable of harpoon carrying and 25 De Zeven Provinciƫn class frigate costing a total now of 45 billion

    I would also have Canberra LHD with a number of 5 taking the total cost upto about 53 billion

    i would then spend 10 billion designing and building 2-3 arsenal ships to act as a deterrent taking the total upto 63 billion

    15 billion on royal fleet auxillary (80 bill)
    10 bill on inshore and royal marine landing craft ect)(90bill)including the M80 Stiletto

    And the last 10 bill on adapting 3 more french subs to carry nuclear weapons

  4. The prices stated for some of those ships is wrong.

    4 Aircraft carriers 36 f-35 c +4 modified f35's for EW + 4 AWACS + 6 Helicopters costs £16b
    4 SSBN costs £12b
    5 Amphibious Assault Ship (20,000 tonnes) carriers 800 troops each costs £1.5b
    5 LPD costs £1.5b
    10 Patrol Vessels £500m
    12 Minesweepers £1.2b
    20 SSN- Nuclear Powered Attack Submarines £20b
    20 Frigates £10b- primary role anti ship and submarine hunting and self defence from air attack
    20 Destroyers £15b- primary role would be fleet Air defence, but with TLAM + anti ship and submarine capabilities

    1 Antarctic Patrol Ship
    1 Aviation Training / Casualty Receiving Ship
    1 Forward Repair Ship
    7 Ocean Survey Ship
    10 Replenishment Ships
    6 Fast Tanker Ships
    4 Large Fleet Tankers

    + 5 ro-ro ferriers that can be used at instant notice
    +20 patrol boats

    Total costs £77.7B assuming a 30 year life average,thats means a construction cost of £2.59b per year so even with RFA navy construction would be no more than £4b which is easily affordable. I know some costs are lower e.g destroyers only £750m each compared to type 45 being £1b but with clear set building plans and timetables there would be alot fewer cost overruns and due to sheer number built would further help reduce individual cost of each ship.

    I think with a defence budget of £50b in 2010 prices this fleet could be a reality if the MOD could plan ahead set out criteria for its ships and then build those ships without further intervention. It would also involve keeping constant ship building which further reduces costs