Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fleet Deployments Under a Maratime Strategy (RSDR)

Fleet Deployment Map Major Surface Units

Above is a link to a high resolution map showing the fleet deployments we could have under a maritime strategy. The map only shows major unit deployments of the Astute SSN, Type 26, Type 27, Type 45 and Carrier Task force. 


  1. I see you've used my drawing of the type 26. I like your blog and its nice to see the image being used. Working on a new more accurate one now that more images of the 26 have come out. This is my version of what the RN neews for a C3 for anti piracy and flag stuff

  2. Thanks I will check it out. Thanks for the T26 drawing hard thing to find.

  3. you have the whole navy deploy at the same time! What about ships in port or in refit - would probably best at least 1/2. I reckon at most 1/4 of the fleet could be deployed away from home waters, with remaining ships between deployments, in refit or reserve, or on short deployments near the UK.