Monday, October 4, 2010

SDSR Suicide for Lib Dems

Lets face it. If you are a lib dim then you have prepared your self for a life time of never being in government. You accept the with FPTP you will never get anything like as many seats in Parliament as you should. However due to a once in a generation hung parliament you find your self with a little bit of power. You have been promised a vote on the one thing you want more than anything else (PR or AV). The only draw back is that you have to vote for the SDSR. A bill which at the very least will see the closure of Plymouth Naval base and atleast one of the Moray Firth bases.

Liberal Democrats only have two heartlands. The North East of Scotland and the South West of England. These bases represent the biggest employers in these areas. Even with any form of Alternative voting system FPTP will make up the lion share of the voting system. If you were a Lib Dem MP what would you do?


  1. lol, interesting point, hadn't considered that.

    it will be an interesting less; have achieved power they now have to act like statesman rather than mere politicians.

  2. Perhaps they've calculated that they can replace their losses through AV (or PR) elsewhere?
    Or that their electorate wont abandon them in any event.
    Lets face it, if the Plymouth Naval Yards and the Scottish Nuclear Yards have stuck with the pacifist nuclear disarmament yogurt knitters so far, are they likely to jump ship if the plans are carried out?

    "You accept the with FPTP you will never get anything like as many seats in Parliament as you should"
    "Should" is a very dangerous word to use. The Lib Dems get exactly as many seats as they should get.
    They may get more under a different voting system, but currently, every Lib Dem candidate who gets more votes than the other candidates in his constituancy gets to go to the regional council in London.

    Sorry to Spamvertise
    But those are my thoughts on the matter of reform.

  3. Hi Raging Tory you are correct about the lib dems getting exactly as many seats as they are suppose to. Infact they probably get to many.

    Jedi I think it's too much to ask for Lib Dems to act as statesman. They are already trying to get a vote on Trident at their congress and force it into the SDSR. Its much easier to sit in oposition and sling mud at the government. However when you are in office its much more difficult.

    Also when push comes to shove I think the Tory back benchers will rebel against a vote for AV. This coalition won't last for ever. Lib Dems and Labour could have made it work. Even Labour and the Tories would have more in common.