Sunday, October 17, 2010

State on State Warfare is Dead. All we need is Anti Virus

Apparently one if not the only winners of the SDSR will be Anti Cyber Warfare Operations. The government is prepared to offer a boost of some £500 million to protect the countries IT infrastructure.While it is obvious that we need to defend ourselves against Internet threats,is this a job for the military?

A cyber attack will be one of the 16 tier one threats identified by the SDSR as things we should prepare for. These tier one threats will also likely compromise people travelling on planes with box cutters as well as terrorist's buying smoke detectors to take that little radioactive bit to build a nuclear weapon. There is also likely to be a memo attached to the SDSR from both Nick Klegg and David Cameron announcing that state on state warfare is a thing of the past and we no longer need to be ready for it.

Obviously the 1982 Falklands War, 1991 Gulf War, 1999 Kosovo War, 2001 attacks on the US by the Taliban (The effective government of Afghanistan) and the 2003 Invasion of Iraq were all symptoms of the cold war even though most of them happened after the cold war. Also Iran building a Nuclear bomb does not constitute a threat to the country in the same way that Nigerians copying credit cards does. I am not sure what the government is buying for it's £500 million but I recon we could expect to get at least 10-20 million copies of Norton for that price.

The strategic defence and security review is a nonsense dreamed up by Ant and Dec. While Defence and Security share some links they should not be examined at the same time with a view to prioritising one over the other in a spending review. Security is a job for the police with the assistance of the military and security services where as defence is a job for the military. Mission creep is what got us into the mess we are in today where the Navy's is expected to provide distaster relief around the world, The Army to police Heathrow Airport and the RAF to shoot down airliners. While I am all for using our military effectively and efficiently we have to accept if the country wants to cut back on defence spending then these are the areas to cut. Let the police and MI5 deal with it.

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