Friday, March 18, 2011

We won't be having a war until after 2015

So much for David Cameron's view on defence strategy. Now Cameron has Tony Blairites promising all sorts let see what our forces can actually deliver in conjunction with the French. A couple of Stormshadows and Tomahawks at best from us an next to nothing from the French I am guessing. Lets just hope the US is fully committed or we will end up with another Bosnia.

I am thinking a fully kitted Ark Royal with FA2's and AEW 7 would come in pretty handy right now. Lets also hope that Cameron wakes up and realises he has to support the military and stop the cuts program. Half of the assets he is likley to deploy to Libya are slatted to be gone soon.


  1. Indeed,

    It's funny that the RAF went on about their herculean effort...

    It was herculean... It was also a complete waste of money and completely ineffective compared to the initial American strike.

    6 Tornado's, firing 1 Storm Shadow each with little more than a few minutes over Libyan airspace.

    Typhoons and Tornados now operating out of Italy but still not close enough for fast response.

    Whereas if they had kept the Ark Royal AND kept Sea Harrier, well... 20 minute response time. 18-20 Sea Harriers on call, able to be put in the air with a mix of Ground attack AND Amraam.

    AEW 7 to support Nimrod and Sentinel.

    Still, the RAF will never learn that air power from land alone is never that impressive due to it's lack of ability to stay on station and it's lack of pressence.

  2. yeah, Ark, Vince and Lusty had another decade in 'em at least.

    got an idea for a blog, mate, discuss the elements to a combined European military - if Europe Unified, what would you do to enhance it's military capability?

  3. Hi BAdenvroberts,
    nice idea for a blog. I will consider it.

  4. It is a good idea for a blog. While I am a strong believer that Britain must be able to act independently I'm pretty sure that a strong military pact in Europe would provide several benefits.

    For instance from a UK point of view the forces we are best in a position to provide is our Navy, which despite the cuts still offers a range of platforms very few European nations can match (France still has less SSBN's, SSN's, Amphibious assets and with the QE class also less carriers).

    In effect a strong military pact between France, Germany and the UK would be interesting. For independent military actions the UK would only need expeditionary forces to retain. So light mobile and amphibious forces. With a small number of tanks and heavy artilery. Supported by a relatively small and compact RAF for home defence.

    The RN could then recieve the bulk of the funding. Allowing us to secure and defend European trade, our trade, project power and bring considerable diplomatic weight to EU discussions due to us providing a Naval capabity lacking by the other nations.

    Similarly Germany could concentrate on a Navy designed for Self defence as the RN would be providing the bulk of the capability in any multi nation engagement. Allowing it to continue to develop and maintain it's considerable standing army and large number of tanks.